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Contact your elected officials to support the Puerto Rico
Self-Determination Act

After 123 years of American colonialism, Puerto Rico deserves a serious self-determination process.

Use the tools below to contact your elected officials and make sure everyone's voice is heard. Together, we can end this shameful chapter in American history, and help make a better Puerto Rico.


On June 16th at 1PM ET, the Committee on Natural Resources Office of Insular Affairs will hold a Full Committee Legislative Hearing on the Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act and the Puerto Rico Self-Determination Act. Tweet this thread to let everyone know that the only truly decolonizing option on the table is the #PRSDA:

In light of the most recent @TheJusticeDepartment analysis, the time is ripe for Puerto Ricans that truly believe in #selfdetermination to reject the colonial territorial status. 🇵🇷

The #DOJ conveniently supports Washington’s undemocratic regime over Puerto Rico. We need to come together to reject this colonial overture and continue to push for #selfdetermination and #independence.

The #PRSDA still proposes the most inclusive, democratic and transparent #selfdetermination process. It has more support than the statehood bill in Congress, and 100+ organizations support it.

Puerto Ricans have already rejected the territorial status because it is contrary to self-government and democracy.

The recent #DOJ report actually states that all previous plebiscites where statehood “won” were disputed and not conclusive. All of these statehood votes were misleading and inaccurate.

It’s telling that the DOJ analysis of the Statehood Admission Act spends multiple pages outlining how to ensure PROMESA would continue under statehood. The U.S. isn’t concerned with granting rights to Puerto Ricans, but with guaranteeing its continued financial control.

Statehood doesn’t represent a just and fair outcome for decolonization for an invaded and occupied nation like Puerto Rico.

“Colonialism by consent” is a grotesque concept, and it does not exempt the U.S. from its moral responsibility to free the island from political limbo. But as the #DOJ analyses show today, the U.S. consistently shirks at that responsibility.

Repeat with me: The problem cannot be the solution! The status quo is not an option for our collective future. #NoMasColonia #EndColonialismNow

The DOJ analyses of #PuertoRico status bills remind us that the U.S. will use its absolute power over PR to maintain the status quo or impose whatever conditions it wants on a status process/alternatives. Only the moral imperative of independence can break through that obstacle.

PR #Independence won’t only free us from colonialism and partisan politics that have never answered to Puerto Rico’s interest, it will actually end the 1920 Jones Act and -thanks #DOJ- PROMESA. Under Statehood all of that will remain intact.

An analysis that supports colonialism via the territorial option is not a viable reference for true decolonization.

As the DOJ analysis reflects, if you favor Puerto Rican sovereignty the only options are independence and free association. The time is now to support a free Puerto Rico!

Tell these members of the Natural Resources Committee that they need to support the PRSDA to finally end 123 years of shameful colonialism over Puerto Rico:

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