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el colonialismo

Contacte sus representantes electos para que apoyen el Puerto Rico
Self-Determination Act

Después de 123 años de colonialismo estadounidense, Puerto Rico se merece un proceso serio de auto determinación.

Use las herramientas en estsa página para conectar con su representante electo. Asegúrese que se escuchen todas las voces.Juntes, podemos terminar de una vez por toda este bochornoso capítulo en la historia estadounidense, y ayudar a crear un mejor Puerto Rico.


CALL TO ACTION! Find if your representative sits in the House Natural Resources Committee and send them an email letting them know that you want them to stand up for Puerto Rico by supporting the Puerto Rico Self-Determination Act (H.R. 2070). You can use the following sample email below as a starting point.

Dear Rep. XXXX,

I’m writing to you as a concerned [Puerto Rican and/or constituent] to urge you to support the Puerto Rico Self Determination Act (H.R. 2070). It is important that Congress takes action on Puerto Rico after 123 years of colonialism. 

The Puerto Rico Self-Determination Act is the right process to tackle this complex issue that resides at the core of America’s democratic legacy, something that your colleagues’ statehood bill, H.R. 1522, does not do as it leaves behind other alternatives.

After a year of a local non-binding and questionable plebiscite in Puerto Rico that has generated zero traction in Congress, Puerto Ricans are still suffering from the debt crisis, the austerity measures of the FOMB and, on top of that, with an electric grid crisis. Colonialism is at the root of all of these problems. While these events are unfolding in Puerto Rico, a pro-statehood Shadow Delegation, that was voted in with only 3% of the electorate is wasting public funds in Washington, DC and promoting self-interests, like the political resurrection of the infamous and disgraced former governor Ricardo Rosselló, who was deposed by the People of Puerto Rico in the streets. 

You need to take action now.

Let’s End Colonialism Together! Support the PRSDA!

Your Name

Your City and State

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